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Revenge Regret Repeat Vinyl LP


Yuppicide's new full length album!

Side A:
1. Spread The Infection
2. Sabotage
3. You're Gonna Get It
4. Hurts To Know
5. Bad Blood
6. Political Game

Side B:
1. Obsolete
2. Insolence
3. Ghosts
4. King Of The Dicks
5. Destroyer

Includes digital download code and a two-sided color insert with lyrics, photos and art work.

Choose Black, Yellow or Blue vinyl (Yellow available in US only).

Jesse Jones (vocals): "Revenge Regret Repeat is a rowdy, angry punk record, and I'm proud that we haven't mellowed with age. The lyrics are about facing your demons, past or present, and the one staring back at you in the mirror. I believe that forgiveness is giving up hope for a better past, but sometimes you just can't let go until the fuckers pay what they owe!"

Steve Karp (guitar): "I can't wait for people to hear this album. Everybody came together and put in 120% to make it a rock-and-roll-killing-machine of a record. Taken in its totality, I think 'RRR' really is Yuppicide's love letter (and not the Dennis Hopper 'love letter') to underground music, more specifically to hardcore punk. The music, the lyrics, the art; it all reflects our 30 or so years of being involved with this music- it made us the people we are today and this album shows that. It stands with the rest of our catalog and really shows us as a honed unit, full of anti-establishment venom, biting wit and brutal introspection. It's an album that doesn't compromise in its rawness or ferocity. Whether you've been following us since 1988 or this is your first time hearing Yuppicide, prepare your ears for a thorough beating."

Recorded by NYHC fixture, Glen Lorieo.

Released on German Label Cupcake Records.

USA: $8
Canada: $12
Everywhere Else: $22.50